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相簿剪貼|Photo Album Clips
Photography * 10 pieces

When Yuan Zhi-jie was a child, Yuan’s father left him and had a new family . Yuan’s estranged grandfather suicided at last. Yuan got in touch with his sister who is totally unfamiliar to him via Facebook and invited her to copy and upload family photos with which he can piece together the memories. To Yuan, the sister is a virtual “data person” in a system, but the childhood memories is still romantic.


I take photos of Zi-qing’s Facebook profile picture. I am not sure if she looks like that in person. But the photo looks really similar to the girl that Yuan had a crash on in junior-high school.

Yuan Zhi-jie’s young father and his grandfather who killed himself later. After that his grandmother does not contact her son and grandchildren anymore.

Of his father’s new marriage, Yuan Zhi-jie does not recognize the bride in the photo. But he can tell that the site is his grandmother’s house from the background.

Young Mother.

His half-sister Zi-qing. They have never met. But he asked her to help through Facebook messages. From these photos, you can tell that the photographic skill is not too good, and you can even see the reflections of the photographer in some of the photos.

The first memory that Yuan Zhi-jie has of his father is the image of his father in military uniform. He is not sure whether the image in his mind is his real dad, or simply a photo.

Another sister, Zi-jun.

Not sure whether it’s Zi-qing or Zi-jun.

Grandmother. After her son married again, she has never contacted him. Some of these photos are old photos found in grandma’s place, and some others are photos of the family photos taken secretly by Zi-qing.

Auntie, the only person who is still in contact with Yuan’s father and mother simultaneously.

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