This work is a cooperation with the long-time collaborator, scriptwriter Chen Wan-Yin.
Controversial news is visualized in detail through 3D animation, it’s all from a popular news company in Taiwan. Hsu Che-Yu cooperates with the News animator and police officer.
This video is about his brother’s family memories in the form of animation, and extend from these memories to two criminal cases that took place in the surrounding area: one teenager was murdered, which happened at an Internet café where his brother often used to go to in his adolescent years, and this event was made into an animation on the news. Another event also happened in Hsu's hometown; someone witnessed a dog wandering on the street, with a female’s head too rotten to be identified in its mouth. A police imagined and portrayed the female’s face before her death according to the shape of the skull.
The two events were separately made into portraitures on public media—a manga illustration made with 3D software by news media, and the portrait of the victim drawn with pencil by the police. The artist visited the police who produced the head profile of the female, as well as the storyboard director who made the news animation. By exploring their graphic techniques, Hsu Che-yu attempte to construct the images of his brother’s memories.

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