Gray Room

白屋|Gray Room
Co-production by Han Nefkens Foundation & Kaohsiung Film Archive VR FILM LAB
VR360 Installation

This work is a cooperation with the long-time collaborator, scriptwriter Chen Wan-Yin.

Inspired by the artist's ailment and medical examination, he contemplates the construction of intimate memories, from bodily and spatial perceptions to neuroscientific imagination in this VR project.

It begins with a memory from Hsu Che-Yu's childhood: waking up in the middle of his sleep and finding himself sitting outside the house. It felt like everything became displaced. Recent two years, Hsu has been bothered by unusual headaches. After medical examinations, he was diagnosed with Diplopia, the so-called double vision, which was induced by the nervous system. In modern medical research, almost all perceptions and emotions can be measured in Neuroscience; they are material components of the neuro system. Without any metaphysical understanding of emotion and spirit, the concept of the soul is thus challenged.

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